Kazuya Yasuhiro Profile

Kazuya Yasuhiro

Kazuya Yasuhiro

Martial Arts Expert/Head of the Higashi Yamato branch of YASUHIRO DO-JO
Ambassador of Tourism for Amamiooshima and Asahikawa city

Born 22nd of August 1976 in Asahikawa city, Hokkaido, Japan
Graduated from the Japan Physical Education University

In 2002 He participated in the first K-1 WORLD MAX tournament with the nickname ‘The Prince of Karate’.
As the only Karate specialist in the K-1 middle class section, he strongly challenged each opponent and excited the martial arts world with his dynamic spinning kick and knockout punch.
In 2004, in the first mixed rule K-1 tournament (the rules changed each round between general and K-1 rules) he fought against Yamamoto Kid nicknamed the son of god, which is a match that went down in history.
He has also fought against many top world class fighters including Masato, Andy Souwer, Takayuki Kohiruimaki, Mongolian Karate experts, Chinese martial arts champions and many others. He is recognized as being the Japanese martial arts expert that carries the soul of Karate.
He is currently holding exhibitions and training sessions throughout Japan and is popular for being the hero of the Karate world. On the 3rd of March 2015, as part of the 30th anniversary of the National Karate Championship, he will be participating in a 2 minute 2 round exhibition match governed under karate rules. He is now being noticed for attempting to create a new wave in the karate world.


1994/1995 As the Hokkaido representative he participated in the national high school badminton tournament.
1999/2000 First and Second SEIDOKAIKAN light weight class champion.
2001 Middle weight all Japan champion.
2002 He participated in the K-1 WORLDMAX Japan Championship.
2003 3rd in the K-1 WORLDMAX Japan Championship.
2005 3rd in the K-1 WORLDMAX World Championship.
2007 3rd in the K-1 WORLDMAX Japan Championship.
2011 In May, he participated in the main charity match with Masato for the earthquake in east Japan.

Media appearances

Television appearances
2005 Fuji TV SASUKE
2006 NHK Quiz Monster

Magazine Model appearances
2003 ANAN
2005 SAITA
        POPEYE Diesel model, Adidas model
2003-2004 Mr BIKE series
And many others.